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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Marathon Weekend

One day to go and, although I am not competing in any of the three adult races, I am experiencing pre-race jitters!
Barb and Erik are on their way to the Island for their races,8K for him and the 1/2 marathon for her.
I will be running down to the Victoria Convention centre, where the race packages can be picked up.
After we hook up I think the plan is to drive part on the course then check them in at their B&B, then maybe go out for a light meal and, I'm pretty sure they will want to turn in early, to be rested up for an early morning start.
Good luck to them and all my running friends running the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 8K.
My blind running friend and physiotherapist will be running with his son as his guide.
This year they have a category for visually impaired athletes.
My Ultra buddie Brad is doing the 1/2M.
I will make a movie of this week-ends activities...

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