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Sunday, May 08, 2011

E/B Race report

Adam and Jason

Island Runner
Elk/Beaver Ultras. 2011

This classic early season opener, has become the "Bench Mark" for many of the local, and not so local Ultra and would be Ultra Marathon runners.
The race consists of loops of the gravel trail around the scenic shoreline of Elk and Beaver Lakes.
In Victoria BC.
This years race had one of the larger fields of athletes, vying over five different distances.
25 mile (40k) Glenn Jaques Ultra walk.
The "First Timers" 42.2K Marathon, the 50K five looper.
50Miler, which was this year's national championship event.
With the daddy of them all, the 100K.
For the mile distances to be attained on this certified 10K course, an additional, measured, out and back leg, is completed at the start of the race.

Jason receiving his award

First place in the 100K went to a last minute entry from Squamish BC . PIH club member Jason Loutitt .
Jason, having just come off his first 100 mile outright win in the HURT in Hawaii.
Running at a relentless low 40 minute pace per 10K , managing to double lap second place Michael O'Hare of San Diego California. 3rd. Place went to Dario Herrera.
Suzanne Johnson 100K winner

Suzanne Johnson from North Vancouver BC . Was our only woman in this tough event,
23 minutes behind the New Westminster resident Dario.
Bradley Holmes of Nanaimo, ran in as our first place master. Christopher Wilson and James Gardner also managed to make the 12 hour cut. Ten started with these seven finishing.

Adam Campbell 50 Mile National Champion

The Championship race was won by Harrier, Adam Campbell of Victoria, shattering the course record by 24 minutes!
He ran a very solid race and wasted little time at the aide table, replenishing his hand-held, and swinging right back at it!
Second place to him and first master was Kieth Waiklin of Courtnay BC, despite some GI issues, he toughed it out for a solid sub 7 hour run.
Our Woman's Champ was Audrie Stibbe. she has been using her ultra racing to hone her skills for Ironman and longer distance triathlons.She could do well in the Ultraman with this years endurance increases.

The 50K was won by Darren Froese of Victoria with fellow Harrier Rob MacKay and Harold Cull with only 15 minutes separation the top three in this "Sprint" event.
Suzy VanDyck and Mary Bridges both won their divisions finishing 4th. and 5th. O/A.
The 50 K as usual was the largest field, with 31 starters and 30 finishing.

The other two events were the "First Timers" Marathon, won by Sukhdeep Saini with Alan Gilhooly second in his first race ever. These two were the only men finishers, they were followed by four Women runners three of whom were ineligible for the plaque as they had run previous marathons, on of these women was bumped up into the Marathon because she had intended to run/walk the 25 mile walk and was not permitted. Liz Forrest was the only legitimate competitor and thus won the women's event and the attractive plaque.
The Walk was completed by Sheena Shaw and Leslie Smith who pretty much spent the whole day self-monitoring each other for a hand in hand finish in 6:25:XX for the four laps.

Video of the event

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