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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Trip

Wednesday started at 6:00am. With me bottling my latest batch of home brew.
By 7:00 I had 48 bottle of a beer that I will not touch for a whole month! This will be a first for me as I am normally about three quarters of my way through the batch before it starts tasting good!
I have my trusty "device" with me, plus my MacBook. So Jackal Productions will continue uninterrupted, here's hoping for open source WiFi wherever we go.
Don't get me wrong, I will be training every day while I'm away....
Early and long will be the plan for February, my brother tells me that we will have access to a couple or bikes and Ms. J wants to do a fare amount of hiking also.
This will be good for both of us as we very seldom do stuff together.
She will not have her spin classes and I will not have Danimal nor Graeme nor Alan to share my training with!
I hope to build on my endurance base so that on my return to Victoria, I will be ready for my 50k race in May. (meaning two three hour runs a week, plus the shorter stuff.
I will still try and maintain a 10 hour weekly plan, although, to be fair, I probably won't include the cycling or hiking as that will be my easy active recovery time.
We are now flying over the frozen tundra of Northern Ontario with our ETA in London Heathrow of 11:00.
We leave for Valencia on Monday.

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