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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Juan de Fuca Trail run 2006

Photo's of this trip:-
So it's done, and this was the finishing order:

Dom Repta (sub 8)
Gary Robbins (sub 8)
John McGrath (sub 8)

Mark Fearman (8ish?)

Carlos castillo (9:35)
Ean Jackson (9:35)
Berglind Hafsteindottir (9:35)

The first 3 guys were flying today and were absolutely blown away by the run, they all said it was one of the toughest 47K they had ever run and the most beautiful.
The fourth guy Mark and his pal Garry had just got off an adventure race, this years Primal Quest in Utah.

Ean, Bergrind and I were the mere mortals of the group, and we had a blast!
We took lots of picture, and at Sombrio point were mesmerized by a whale show as three huge gray whales basked and lolled about for about 30 minutes as we gawked took pictures and ate our provisions at the half way point...

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