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Friday, February 12, 2010

February, week two

This past week was interesting, from a training point of view, as I was recovering from a tough race.
The factors that made this process a little different were;firstly. that I ran harder than usual.
This left me more banged up that when I train.
I never take ibuprofen during my normal weekly running schedule, but, on race day I take one at breakfast and one at noon.
The sensation of running pain free is so good that I can push harder and make up time on the downhills.
There will be a payback, and believe me, I paid back.
The other reason that it has taken me longer to recover, is that being a road trip, I didn't have the chance of getting the good quality nutrition shortly after finishing the race.
Ideally, after a hard race one should get home eat, drink milk and have a hot bath, not hang out drinking beer and partying!
Heck, I was the oldest member of a group of 12 happy trail runners, and I didn't want to be a party pooper.
Still, because of a change in my work week, I got a two hour run in on Wednesday and did my double double on Thursday.(Run Yoga run ,in the morning & run Yoga run in the evening.)
Today I need about an hour of running, as I have runs booked with Graeme on Saturday and another,for Sunday with Marshall.

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