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Monday, February 01, 2010

Race weekend

Orcas Island.


The race was tough but a lot of fun,I spent a lot of time running with a group of women.
Mostly, I'm guessing here, were in the 30-40 age bracket.
I tend to run better with them than when I try to hang with the guys,besides with the way this race went very rapidly into a lot of steep pitches, I would have been dropped quite early, so I played it cool for the first three hours or so and settled in to passing the girls on the flats and down.They caught up with me again on the ups.
My finishing time was 6:44:xx, a fair bit slower than my 50K time on a less challenging course.
There was a 25K option also, most of the road trip party ran the short course.
They also had to summit Mt.Constitution,the highest peak of the San Juan group of islands.

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